Terms and Condition


“Acceptance deposit” means a deposit as shown in the fees list for the relevant year which will be payable when the Parent accepts the offer of a place.

“Fees in lieu of Notice” means full term fees at the rate applicable for the next Term following Withdrawal and not limited to the parental contribution in the case of a scholarship, exhibition, bursary or other award or concession.

“Parent” shall include one or both parents of the student and persons in the position of a legal guardian for the time being.

“Student” shall include one or more siblings from the same family.

The “School Year” is deemed to start on September

“Term”: means the period between and including the first Saturday and last Saturday of the relevant school term.

Payment of Fees by a Third Party

An agreement with a third party (such as a grandparent) to pay the fees or any other sum due to the School does not release the Parent from liability. The Parent of the Student is ultimately responsible for the payment of the School fees.

Notice of Withdrawal

A Full Term’s Notice must be given in writing to the Registrar by the Parent of the Student. The notice must be sent ideally before the start of the Student’s final term or at any rate no later than the second Saturday of that term. Any notice received after the second Saturday of term is considered not to be a Full Term’s Notice and therefore the Parent will be liable for the following term’s fees or fees in lieu of notice.

For the sake of clarity, if there is any money owed to the School and all or any part of the Fees in lieu of Notice remains unpaid; the Acceptance Deposit will be retained by the School in full.

In the event of a Student not taking up the offer of a place after the deposit has been paid, the school will retain a percentage of the administrative fee and will return the remainder to the Parent.

Cases of serious illness or genuine hardship may receive special consideration on written request.

The Registrar will confirm receipt of the Notice. If she does not, the Parent should contact her and resend his/her notice.

Termination, Suspension and Expulsion

The School may terminate this agreement with one Term’s Written Notice sent by email and the Parent must confirm receipt of this. The School also reserves the right to expel or suspend a student who is misbehaving (in the opinion of the School) with immediate effect.

The School will not terminate the contract without good cause and full consultation will take place with the Parent and the Student (if of sufficient maturity and understanding) in accordance with the terms provided below.

Exclusion for Non-Payment

The School reserves the right to exclude the Student on 3 days' written notice if Fees are overdue for payment or if the parent fails to provide information reasonably requested by the School about the identity of the payer of any Fees or the source of the funds. If the Student is excluded for a period of 28 days, she will be deemed withdrawn without Notice and a Term’s Fees in lieu of notice will be payable. Exclusion in these circumstances is not a disciplinary matter and the right to a Governors’ Review will not normally arise. The School may withhold any information, character references, or property while Fees remain overdue where it is lawful to do so.

The School reserves the right to request a Student to leave the School with immediate effect and in such circumstances, the deposit may be retained by the School in full.


The Student may be formally expelled from the School if it is proved on the balance of probabilities that the Student has committed a very grave breach of School discipline or a serious criminal offense. Expulsion is reserved for the most serious breaches. The Headmistress shall act with procedural fairness in all such cases. The Headmistress’s decision shall be subject to a Governors’ Review if requested by the Parent. The Parent will be given a copy of the Review procedure current at the time. The Student shall be suspended from the School pending the outcome of the Review

Fees following Expulsion

If the student is expelled, there will be no refund of the Acceptance Deposit or of Fees for the current or past terms. There will be no charge to Fees in lieu of Notice but, save for any contrary provisions in any other agreement made between the Parent and the School, all arrears of fees and any other sum due to the School will be payable.



The Parent is responsible for insurance of the Student’s personal property whilst at school or on the way to and from school or any School-sponsored activity away from school premises.

School’s liability

Unless there has been gross negligence, willful misconduct, or deliberate default, the School does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or other loss caused to the Student or Parent or for loss or damage to property.

Emergency Medical Treatment

The Parent authorizes the Headmistress to consent on his/her behalf to the Student receiving emergency medical treatment by an appropriately qualified person as necessary for the Student’s welfare and if the Parent cannot be contacted in time.


The Parent consents to the Student traveling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult who is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of that type.

Learning Difficulties

The Parent shall notify the Registrar when completing the School’s Registration form or subsequently in writing if he/she becomes aware or suspects that the Student has a learning difficulty. The Student’s place may be canceled, or, once the Student has started, the Parent may be asked to withdraw the Student, without further charge if, in the professional judgment of the Headmistress and after consultation with the Parent and the Student (where appropriate), the School is unable to provide adequately for the Student’s special educational needs.

Fee Increases

Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time. If the Parent receives less than a term’s notice of a Fees increases, they may give to the School written Notice of Withdrawal of the Student within 21 days and will not be liable to pay Fees in lieu of Notice and the Acceptance Deposit will be refunded without interest less any sums owing to the School.

Refund Policy
The application fee is non-refundable.