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In preparatory stage, a transition between primary & secondary stages, we promote the students' engagement with peers and teachers through competitions, team projects along with creative learning.


In secondary education we provide the learners with oppertunities to aquire necessary knowledge,skills and attitudes for the development of their character so as to get them ready for their careers.


There is no limit to what your child can achieve. Here, in MLS our goal is to develop confident, ambitious and passionate learners in a conductive, stimulating environment.


In primary education we help students acquire literacy,numeracy,creativity and communication skills. We also help them develop the ability for critical thinking and logical judgment.



Dear Children, parents and teachers

As The Chairman Of MLS Board Of Director,It Gives Me Pride To Be Part Of This Creative And Innovative Organization.MLS Has Always Been Dedicated To The Provision Of World Class Standards Of Education. It Has Been My Personal Mission To Ensure That These Educational Standards Are The Forefront Of Everything We Do, Both In Our Forward Planning And In The Day-To-Day Management Of MLS Educational Process.

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